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Comments & Support

Catch-all for comments, error-reporting, suggestions, questions, technical assistance, etc., regarding the Kata Biblon Greek-English New Testament, Wiki Lexicon, Grammar Reference, and Forums.

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Commercial republishing of public domain materials0
διέκυψεν in Psalm 13(14):2 isn't given English meaning1
Right column blank1
Invalid edit of 97:12 (LXX 96:12)0
Cannot go past verse 72
Greek Text Converter0
Entered text.2
A possibile collaboration1
Missing half verse2
What happened to the search bar? 2
"Lemma not found: ἄνωθεν", lexicon selected from popup of last word in John 3:71
Search funtion...0
New update problems, ditto1
New update problem1
Are there any plans for a mobile version? i.e. iPad/Android?1
Incorrect Activation Code0
Problem: Webpages displaying only as HTML code3
Comparatives and Superlatives0
English correction1
Omitting English translation when I 'Fetch verses' in a full LXX search0
Creative Commons License2
1 John 1:41
Is the Septuagint used by Katabiblon (CATSS Rahlfs) an exact transcription of Codex Vaticanus?2
Parsing Code Key1
Psalm 138:8/ 137:8 LXX0
Searching for εἶ brings up εἰ (if) rather than a page for the 2nd person singular of εἶναι1
Thank you0
Greek Lexicon - δοκεω1
Accuracy of Sinaiticus Text in Tobit1
directions for entering verb1
While searching for words in Greek the verse references and verses do not line up1
ALWSETAI - grammatical listeing error0
katabiblon in Portuguese?0
Unicode Greek Normalization Table0
Mac Browser Support0