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Topic: Parsing Code Key (2 Posts)

Message: Parsing Code Key
Could someone please provide a key to the abbreviations used in the Parsing columns (such as: pres act ptcp mas nom|voc pl). Thank you very much in advance.
Message: Re: Parsing Code Key
Parsings for verbs are: tense voice mood person number (e.g., pres act ind 1st sg) tense voice mood (e.g, pres act inf) tense voice mood gender case number (e.g., pres act ptcp mas nom|voc pl) Parsings for nouns and adjectives are: gender case number Tense pres = present impf = imperfect fut = future 1aor = 1st aorist 2aor = 2nd aorist perf = perfect plup = pluperfect Voice act = active mp = middle-passive θη = θη-passive Mood ind = indicative sub = subjunctive imp = imperative opt = optative inf = infinitive ptcp = participle Person 1st 2nd 3rd Gender mas = masculine fem = feminine neu = neuter Case voc = vocative nom = nominative acc = accusative dat = dative gen = genative Number sg = singular pl = plural