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Topic: Entered text. (3 Posts)

Message: Entered text.
Hi, couple of months ago, when I type a normal alphabet character in the Search box, it will automatically change either into greek or hebrew character. Now it only shows the normal alphabet. How do I fix this?
Message: Re: Entered text.
The owner of site has not been very active for quite a while. The site still has some bugs from the ladt update. The obvious solution is to: type "greek keyboard" in search engine then copy and paste.
Message: Re: Entered text.
Sorry for the late reply, it seems that only the mobile browser (UC Browser, maybe others too) is affected by these but not a PC browser (Opera). Hopefully it will be fixed because I can't use the PC (motherboard always failed to boot and have no money to buy a new one). But I found a temporary solution for the mobile browser (to those who had trouble to identified the Greek and especially Hebrew in its equivalent forms... just like me). 1. In the search field, type this without the quotes "xz%" (actually any alphabets will do but at least 2 characters are needed). Example: xz% 2. Put the cursor between the "x" and "z%" and type something and the letter will appears (either Greek or Hebrew). Type the word "filou" between the "xz" and it will automatically returns "φιλου". Example: xφιλουz% 3. Before pressing the ENTER key (or the magnifying glass) for the result, delete the "x" and the "z". It's up to you if you prefer to keep or delete the wildcard "%". Example: 3a. xφιλουz ---> φιλου = search for φιλου only. OR 3b. xφιλουz% ---> φιλου% = search φιλου with additions. Sorry for the grammars and tenses but hope it helps :)