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Topic: The Egyptian - Two Accounts by Josephus (1 Post)

Message: The Egyptian - Two Accounts by Josephus
Josephus gives two different accounts of this event. In the B. J. [Bellum Judaicum, Jewish War] he says that this Egyptian led thirty thousand men out of the desert to the Mount of Olives, but that Felix attacked them, and the Egyptian “escaped with a few,” while most of his followers were either destroyed or captured. In Ant. XX. 8. 6 [Jewish Antiquities], which was written later, he states that the Egyptian led a multitude “out from Jerusalem” to the Mount of Olives, and that when they were attacked by Felix, four hundred were slain and two hundred taken captive. There seems to be here a glaring contradiction, but we are able to reconcile the two accounts by supposing the Egyptian to have brought a large following of robbers from the desert, which was augmented by a great rabble from Jerusalem, until the number reached thirty thousand.... It is no more difficult therefore to reconcile the Acts and Josephus in this case than to reconcile Josephus with himself