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Lion of Judah / Emblems of the Twelve Tribes of Israel

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Wall hangings in Temple Beth El's chapel which represent the symbols of the 12 tribes of Israel:

12 Tribes of Israel Stained Glass for Beth Samuel Jewish Center in Pittsburgh:

The Emblems of the 12 Tribes of Israel

There are but few emblems which may be used [in a synagogue] that are characteristically Jewish; the interlacing triangles, the lion of Judah, and flower and fruit forms alone are allowable:

What is the deeper meaning of the Lion of Judah?  Well to answer this question, we have to think back to the person who was the very first lion - Judah himself, from the book of Genesis. As many of you are aware, each of the twelve tribes in Israel has a symbol associated with it. Benjamin is a wolf; Dan is a snake, Zevulum is a ship, and the symbol given to the tribe of Judah is that of the lion, from the verse in Genesis Gur Aryeh Yehudah. Eventually all Jews came to be known by the name Judah — Yehudah.