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an alternative translation that faithfully captures the meaning of the verse

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"At first there was wisdom. (Pr 8:22, 23) And wisdom pertained to God. (Pr 8:27, 30) And it was divine." 

The Greek text omits the definite article with reference to "beginning". Grammatically it could be rendered, "In a beginning", or ("within a beginning" JMT), rather than, "In the beginning".  

Logos, has various nuanced definitions among them: word, thought, idea, reason, plan, design, expression, declaration,  utterance, discourse, speech, communication. 

At Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning God created ..." is also understood in Jewish thinking to mean, "In wisdom God created ..." Please compare the verses cited above. 

"And the Word was God." Here the indefinite/qualitative nature of the word is in view. The logos is "godlike", or "divine" because it pertains to God, it is with him as his possession.